FPC peer companies  Data on DB and SNCF taken from their 2015 annual reports; and on Amtrak – from the company’s press release on FY2015 results.

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FPC  FPC data for 2016.
94 million passengers carried
+2.5 million passengers change vs 2015

FPC’s activities cover a full range of business processes: acquisition, maintenance and repair of rolling stock, sales organisation, collection of revenue, management and administration, IT and communications. FPC has 15 branches and an extensive network of depots and carriage sites, as well as personnel to support all business processes. FPC’s income comprises income from passenger transportation excluding income from baggage and unaccompanied baggage transportation.

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Amtrak (USA) www.amtrak.com
31 million passengers carried
+0.3 million passengers change vs 2015

Amtrak’s business includes all business processes associated with transportation, including a network of repair depots and facilities in 12 US states. The company also operates own locomotives and sections of high-speed passenger service infrastructure of the Northeast Corridor.

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DB Bahn Long Distance (Germany) Deutsche Bahn – 2015 Integrated Report.
129 million passengers carried
+3.0 million passengers change vs 2015

DB Bahn Long Distance is a business unit within Deutsche Bahn Group comprising several carriers with extensive geography and wide range of activities (day/night trains, tourism, train catering, marketing, and sales). Rolling stock repair, maintenance, and management, IT and communications are provided by specialist companies within DB Services, another Deutsche Bahn unit.

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SNCF Voyages (France) SNCF – 2015 Financial Report.
127 million passengers carried
+0.1 million passengers change vs 2015

Voyages is a business unit within SNCF Holding, which comprises several companies offering rail and bus services in Europe, as well as specialist companies engaged in sales, customer relations, IT, and rolling stock management. Repair operations are not part of the unit’s activities and are provided by Masteris, a company within the Holding that provides services to SNCF Holding and third-party customers across Europe.