Strategic management framework

JSC FPC Development Strategy is currently being updated.

In 2012JSC FPC 2030 Development Strategy and Its Key Development Priorities Until 2015, approved by the Board of Directors of JSC FPC (Minutes No. 19 dated 28 June 2012). , the implementation of the Company‘s Development Strategy resulted in the creation of new transport products and passenger services, including daytime trains, double-decker trains, Strizh higher-speed trains, car carriers, and multimodal services.

In addition to the completion of a number of strategic projects, the need to update the Strategy was driven by significant changes in the external business environment which have taken place since the approval of the Strategy.

As a response to external challenges, at its annual strategy session held in February 2016, FPC initiated new strategic projects with the aim to make improvements to the main components of its business system: improvement of the route network, interaction with the regulator and infrastructure, operation and maintenance of the rolling stock, and enhancement of train crews’ customer focus.

session Wrap-up Meeting of JSC RZD’s Management Board dated 17–18 December 2014 (Minutes No. 45). JSC RZD’s Management Board resolved
to have JSC FPC Development Strategy
updated FPC’s strategy session, themed “2015 Results and Outlook”.