Mid-term investment

FPC’s Investment Programme for 2017–2019 provides for the purchase of 264 double-deckers worth RUB 23.0 billion to be used on profitable routes.

Priority rolling stock investment is the purchase of carriages for high-class trains. To this end, the Company plans to purchase 643 Russia-made single-deckers in 2017–2019.

The Passenger Rolling Stock Upgrade project for 2017–2019 sets an amount of RUB 16.8 billion, including RUB 9.8 billion worth of KVRs for 553 carriages.

In addition, the Investment Programme provides for RUB 5.6 billion to be spent on depot upgrade projects and RUB 0.6 billion on information technology innovations. In particular, the Company plans to complete renovation of the repair facilities in the Orekhovo-Zuevo passenger carriage depot to improve the depot’s capacity and take on KVR repairs. Total 2017 investments including the cost of equipment are RUB 0.2 billion. Additionally, in the concerned period, the Company is going to raise external investments to upgrade its carriage-washing facilities and blasting and painting systems, and construct a laundry plant in Yekaterinburg worth RUB 1.5 billion. In 2017–2019, the Company plans to invest a total of RUB 72.7 billion.