Project management

Introducing a project management framework in FPC has become a prerequisite for the successful implementation of the strategic projects which were initiated by the Company.

Project management is a key tool to improve FPC performance, which is fully in line with the Economic Policy outlined in the Policy Priorities of the Government of the Russian Federation and Instruction of the President of the Russian Federation to set up project offices and improve the investment climate.

To develop project management expertise, FPC set up the Project Management Unit to address the following tasks:

  • training and methodology support for managers and employees of the Company on identification and development of strategic initiatives and project management;
  • organising project teams;
  • ensuring consistency between plans and results of project activities.

To organise and manage activities under each particular project, the Company set up project teams composed of the Company’s specialists and external experts.

To address problems, and monitor progress and compliance with the established functional requirements and budgets, the Company set up JSC FPC Strategic Project Management Committee.

A regulatory and methodology framework setting out the principles, methods, and procedures for project management in FPC was created.

Each strategic project has its Charter which details the names of the project manager and sponsor, as well as the project objectives and key performance indicators.

Translation of FPC’s mission into strategic projects