Quality policy

In November 2016, FPC completed the certification of its corporate quality management system for compliance with the requirements of the national standard GOST R ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems – Requirements). On 28 November 2016, FPC obtained Certificate No. 16.1779.026.

To develop its corporate quality management system in compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015, FPC approved the new Quality Policy in November 2016.

Quality priorities

  • Meet customer requirements and expectations in full by continuously improving service quality and ensuring high levels of service, comfort, and safety;
  • Continuously improve the Company’s operational efficiency and performance by enhancing the corporate quality management system, business processes, lean production technologies, rolling stock preparation, and passenger service.

Quality management principles

  • Follow the Management’s Leadership principle, foster collaboration between employees in achieving goals, enhance their competence, motivation, and corporate relations culture;
  • Support and develop mutually beneficial long-term relations with suppliers, improve the satisfaction of the Company’s customers and all stakeholders;
  • Manage potential corporate risks, prevent recurring potential inconsistencies, and make decisions based on objective evidence and stakeholder requirements;
  • Ensure the compliance of the corporate quality management system with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and stakeholder requirements;
  • Continuously improve the corporate quality management system, enhance operational efficiency and performance through process improvement, innovation, and cost optimisation.

FPC’s management assumes responsibility for taking steps to implement the Quality Policy and provide relevant resources.

Quality monitoring

Between 2008 and Q3 2016, the quality of service was evaluated based on extensive quarterly questionnaire-based surveys of passengers during journeys. In Q4 2016, the Company switched to a more advanced methodology of monitoring service quality online at site. The monitoring has already yielded positive results, as it generates relevant information on a weekly and even daily basis and enables the Company to react promptly to passengers’ complaints and suggestions.

Changes in customer satisfaction level (CSI, FPC’s methodology) High level of customer satisfaction corresponds to scores between 4.5 and 5 points. Medium level of customer satisfaction corresponds to 4–4.4 points. Low level of customer satisfaction corresponds to 3.9 points and below.
Aspects 2014 2015 Q1–Q2 2016
Overall assessment of travel experience 4.45 4.56 4.75

Additionally, in 2017, in compliance with the best industry practices (including international), FPC will, for the first time, assess the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to evaluate customers’ willingness to make repeated journeys and recommend the Company’s services across all components: ticket purchase procedures, on-board services, additional services, and safety.

Comparison of customer focus assessment methodologies
Aspects FPC’s methodology (CSI), 2008–2016 (Q1–Q2) CSI quality service monitoring from Q4 2016 NPS index from 2017
Data collection method Passengers complete questionnaires during journeys Online survey at site Phone survey
Sample, respondents 40,000 2,000 40,000
Frequency 4 times a year Weekly 4 times a year
Tools Printed questionnaire, 37 questions Electronic questionnaire, 28 questions Phone/online questionnaire containing 3 questions in each of the following sections: Information, Booking and Sales, Products and Services, After-Sales Service

The NPS index will help identify FPC's position in the passenger transportation market, evaluate the quality of individual components of services (ticket purchase procedure, on-board services, RZD Bonus Loyalty Programme, Unified Information and Service Centre) and the operations of relevant units (KPIs), as well as find ways to boost the Company’s competitive edge. Also, as part of its efforts to improve passenger services (Year of the Passenger), FPC intends, for the first time, to publish on its website the summary results of quality monitoring, in the form of the Company’s average score and NPS index counter.

The Company plans to use survey results to build comprehensive ratings of trains and passenger infrastructure facilities, and, eventually, to devise corrective measures based on passenger feedback. In addition, we will introduce personal accountability and performance control for our officers, to evaluate their compliance with service quality requirements and create relevant motivation and incentive systems based on a customer-focused work style, direct feedback, and customer evaluations.