Year of the Passenger

Improvement of service quality throughout the customer journey

Before travel

E-ticket sales
Loyalty programme
Dynamic pricing

During travel

New rolling stock
New customer experience
Care for passengers with reduced mobility
New travel experience
New services

After travel

Passenger feedback
Corrective actions
and loyal customer

Year of the Passenger

A new Moscow – Berlin Strizh train was launched in the Year of the Passenger. Its carriages are equipped with a variable gauge system, unique in the Russian market, which automatically adjusts axle gauges for efficient conversion between Russian and European tracks.

Year of the Passenger 2016 Priorities

Children on Board Programme

  • Higher affordability of service
  • Services to passengers with reduced mobility
  • Improved government relations
  • Higher comfort and service quality
  • Developing a customer centric approach to passenger service

Under Children on Board Programme, FPC purchased two double decker inter-regional (open-plan seating) carriages with a children playroom for passengers with children. The carriage has everything a child may need: educational games, cuddle toys, a TV set, and colouring books. The first run of such train took place on the Moscow – Voronezh route on 27 December 2016.

Passenger turnover

Passenger turnover by train type in 2014–2016, %
Other Other trains include seasonal express trains, one-off passenger trains, local passenger trains (running on one railway line only).
Passenger turnover by carriage type in 2014–2016, %

Key indicators

Average revenue per passenger
(incl. VAT) in 2014–2016, RUB

Revenue from operating activities in 2014–2016, RUB billion

(incl. Subsidies) in 2014–2016

Key indicators

Rolling stock acquisition in 2014–2016, carriages
Total debt to EBITDA and total debt to revenue ratios in 2014–2016