Loyalty Programme

RZD Bonus Loyalty Programme launched by RZD Holding won the annual national Customer eXperience Awards Russia for the Best Customer Experience in the Transport Sector, and the Loyalty Awards Russia 2016 for the Best Transportation Company Loyalty Programme.

Since 2012, RZD Holding has in place the RZD Bonus Loyalty Programmefor railway passengers.

Over 600 thousand new members were registered in the Programme in 2016. The year-on-year growth in the number of cardholders was 34%, with their total number reaching 2.16 million people.

As at 2016, the number of members holding RZD – Alfa-Bank co-branded cards, exceeded 100 thousand people (the joint project with Alfa-Bank was launched in December 2015).

In 2016, 40 thousand students from 200 universities joined the RZD Bonus programme for students.

In the same year, the Programme members booked 172 thousand premium tickets, and over 100 thousand members travelled on these tickets, up 31.2% year-on-year.

600 thousand members of the RZD Bonus Programme registered in 2016
34 % year-on-year growth in the number of members
172 thousand premium tickets issued in 2016 under the Programme

To develop the Loyalty Programme, enhance its efficiency and improve customer service, the Company implemented the following initiatives:

  • Allegro train services are included in the Programme, and points are awarding for travelling in Allegro trains (more ways to earn points);
  • a 5% discount is offered to the Programme members of retirement age under a project for pensioners (implementation of the Programme’s social functions);
  • a CRM system is implemented (enabling automatic customer relations management, development of marketing promotions and customised offers based on advanced analysis of trips made by each passenger).

In 2017, the Programme’s efficiency will be enhanced through the following initiatives:

  • launch of new co-branding initiatives with banks (with Otkritie Bank, Rosbank and Gazprombank joining in);
  • additional privileges to passengers (an option to use points for partial payment of premium ticket price, issue of premium tickets for international routes, etc.);
  • an option to earn points by purchasing goods and services from third parties;
  • attracting new members to join the Corporate Programme and encouraging existing customers through marketing promotions.

Social projects under the RZD Bonus Programme in 2017:

    • issue of premium tickets for compartments for disabled persons at FPC’s ticket offices;
    • implementation of the Family Programme offering a possibility to accumulate bonus points of all family members on a joint account.

The key objective is to increase the number of the RZD Bonus Programme members to 3 million.

Программа лояльности