Share capital

In August 2016, JSC FPC’s shareholding structure was changed as one share previously owned by Baminvest was transferred to KRP-Invest.

Voting shares by class of shares
Type, class of securities Registered ordinary shares
Form of shares issued uncertified
Number of shares issued 165,461,040,539 shares
State registration number 1-01-55465-E
Par value per share RUB 1
Name Number of voting shares Percentage of voting shares, %
RZD 165,461,040,538 99.999999999
KRP-Invest 1 0.000000001
Total 165,461,040,539 100

As at 31 December 2016, the Company’s authorised capital was RUB 165,461,040,539.

Changes in the Company’s share capital, RUB billion