Meetings of the Board of Directors

In 2016, 23 meetings of JPC FPC’s Board of Directors were held, including 16 meetings in absentia and seven meetings in person. The Board reviewed 164 issues during 2016

Statistics of the Board meetings in 2016

Key resolutions of the board of directors in 2016

  1. Approve JSC FPC’s Investment Programme for 2016.
  2. Approve Regulations on Incentives for the Person Acting as JSC FPC’s Sole Executive Body.
  3. Approve JSC FPC’s Insurance Coverage Programme for 2017.
  4. Set traffic safety targets for 2016.
  5. Adopt Regulations on the Internal Audit Organisation at RZD Holding.
  6. Approve Procedure for Reorganisation of Business Units of FPC’s branches.
  7. Approve candidates to the boards of directors and audit commissions of FPC’s subsidiaries and affiliates.
  8. Approve target framework of key performance indicators at FPC.
  9. Approve candidate Deputy General Directors and Heads of FPC’s Branches approved; changes to FPC’s organisational structure.
  10. Approve Regulations on Conflict of Interest Resolution at FPC.
  11. Approve JSC FPC’s Programme for the Reduction of Scope and Costs of Consumed Services in 2016, and JSC FPC’s Programme of Additional Cost Optimisation Initiatives in 2016.
  12. Approve competence profiles of FPC’s independent directors for the 2017–2018 corporate year.
Attendance at meetings of JSC FPC’s Board OF Directors by members of JSC FPC’s Board of Directors in 2016
Name In-person Board meeting In absentia Board meeting
Mikhail Akulov 5(1)/7 13/16
Olga Gnedkova 3(2)/7 16/16
Petr Ivanov 7/7 9/11
Irina Kostenets 2(5)/7 16/16
Sergey Maltsev 4/7 10/11
Alla Saltykova 4(1)/5 6/8
Andrey Sergeev 4(1)/7 8/11
Maxim Shneider 4(2)/7 10/11
Kirill Yankov 6(1)/7 11/11
Valery Veremeev 5/5
Gennady Verkhovykh 5/5
Valery Reshetnikov 4/5
Yuri Saakyan 5/5
Semyon Smolyak 5/5
Irina Shytkina 5/5
Tamara Stebunova 1(1)/2 3/3

The format "5(1)/7" in the table means that the concerned Director personally attended five of seven meetings, and participated in one in-person meeting by submitting a written opinion.

Attendance at Board meetings by individual members in 20161, %
1 Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting of JSC FPC (Resolution No. 30 dated 14 March 2016) resolved to elect a new Board of Directors of FPC. Mandates of Valery Veremeev, Gennady Verkhovykh, Valery Reshetnikov, Yuri Saakyan, Semyon Smolyak, and Irina Shytkina were early terminated.The annual General Shareholders Meeting (Resolution No. 31 dated 30 June 2016) elected Alla Saltykova to the Board of Directors. Mandate of Director Tamara Stebunova was early terminated.

Directors do not hold the Company’s shares; no claims were filed in 2016 against members of the Board of Directors in relation to their performance of duties as Directors.

The Company did not extend any loans to members of the Board of Directors.

No conflicts of interest were identified at the Board level.

Members of the Board of Directors provided timely information to the Board about the circumstances that could potentially lead to a conflict of interest, including information about interests related to any given transaction.

To avoid potential conflicts of interest members of the Board of Directors did not vote on transactions in which they had an interest.